Linda Smith appointed Vice President of Business Development for Sunstone BioSciences

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – November 6, 2008 – Linda Smith, has been appointed Vice President of Business Development by Sunstone BioSciences, Inc.. In this entrepreneur-in-residence position, she will serve as a member of the executive team that sets the company’s long term strategic direction and will spearhead business development.  Linda will develop and manage strategic customer and channel partnerships for the purpose of integrating the SunstonesTM Nanoparticle platform in medical daignostics, security and authentication, solar cell, and solid state lighting products.  She will identify and develop commercial and government grant opportunities.

About Sunstone

Sunstone BioSciences, Inc. supplies SunstonesTM Nanoparticles that have the exceptional property of absorbing electromagnetic energy at specific wavelengths and up or down converting it to photons at different energy levels. Micron sized particles have been used for security and authentication applications for many years. The ability to produce the particles on a nanoscale opens endless possibilities in medical therapeutics, medical and environmental diagnostics, solid state lighting, and solar energy. The company’s world-class Executive Management Team includes individuals with significant experience founding and growing biotechnology and life sciences companies. Its Advisory Boards are comprised of scientists and physicians from the University of Pennyslvania, Princeton University, Duke University, and Lehigh University that are thought-leaders in their respective fields. For more information, visit

About Ceres

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