Sell Side M & A Advisory

CERES is a boutique Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm working with select clients on the sell side.

Sell side clients are lower and middle market companies or business units of larger companies with core photonics technology.

Most clients are experiencing or poised for exceptional growth. Products are differentiated. Technology leadership and teams are highly coveted. Business plans are innovative. Intellectual property and trade secrets create strong barriers for competitors.

However, operating alongside high market and technology uncertainties, the best way to finance this growth is rarely obvious. Sell the business now to a market leading strategic buyer who in addition to growth capital can provide global sales channels and management resources? Or take on growth capital from private equity in the short term to position for higher valuation on exit in the future?

CERES invests in understanding clients’ markets, operations, competitive position and management team goals. The result is a tailored exit or growth strategy that is meticulously executed.

CERES has expert market knowledge and long-standing relationships with decision makers worldwide to deliver optimum outcomes for its clients.