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CERES offers M&A advisory services and market-focused strategic planning for growth and harvest to technology businesses serving the photonics industry and vertical market segments enabled by photonics - such as life sciences, advanced manufacturing, information technology, lighting, energy, security and defense.


CERES sets itself apart from investment banks and management consulting firms with its market focus and industry experience:

  • Working knowledge from both market and financial perspectives of what strategic and financial buyers value and what they perceive as risk
  • Hands-on marketing and business development experience growing companies and product lines with sound marketing strategy
  • Established network of strategic buyers and knowledge of their individual acquisition strategies - vertical integration, product line extension, market extension
  • Established network of privately held small businesses serving the photonics industry and its markets
  • Established network and knowledge of companies in the photonics industry's supply chain and markets served
  • Understanding of the inherent strengths and weaknesses of capital equipment, working capital and manufacturing processes associated with a broad range of photonics technologies:
    • Passive optical components - optics, fiber, filters, materials, coatings
    • Sources - LEDs; fiber, semiconductor, DPSS, gas lasers
    • Detectors, cameras, and sensors
    • Active optical components - MEMS, integrated optics, liquid crystal
    • Turn-key systems and subassemblies
  • Partnered with technologists and manufacturing operations specialists for the purpose of due diligence across the breadth of photonics technologies
  • Appreciation and practice of ethics working with individuals in the photonics industry and its markets served for more than 25 years