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Sell Side Process

Acting as a client's exclusive advisor, CERES provides the following services in conjunction with a sale or financing of a business or product line. 

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CERES designs and executes a sell-side program in line with a client's unique positioning strategy.  Program alternatives may include a negotiated sale, a targeted and high level solicitation, a controlled sale, or a broad public auction. 

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Offering Memorandum

As part of a comprehensive marketing program, CERES prepares a detailed Offering Memorandum:

  • Business summary and investment highlights
  • History
  • Product lines and business units
  • Technology
  • Competitive position relative to industry’s critical success factors
  • Pricing
  • Distribution
  • Customers
  • Legal liabilities
  • Intellectual property
  • Supply chain and manufacturing operations
  • Assets
  • Historical financials and discussion
  • Market opportunity
Accurately and efficiently compiling information for the company prospectus and presenting it to an audience that most often includes corporate level executives spanning finance, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, sales and legal are unique strengths of CERES.  With hands-on management experience across these corporate functional areas in our clients' industry, CERES can bring together the information utilizing a minimum of our client's time and resources and then communicate it concisely and effectively.