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Sell Side M & A Advisory

CERES provides sell side M&A advisory services to businesses employing photonics technologies to serve a wide range of markets - from life sciences to energy.  We focus there because we have an established network, have hands-on operations experience, and understand well where the value is in these markets.

Our Approach

  • Consultative and trusted advisors to business owners
  • Diverse team with broad personal networks, wealth of transaction and industry operating experience, and advanced academic and professional credentials
  • Invest in understanding our client’s business and needs to deliver a uniquely tailored strategy that is executed efficiently and effectively to create and capture value
  • Experience, strategic insight, and execution capabilities that meet or exceed much larger firms
  • Reputation for providing discreet and highly professional investment banking services to companies, business owners, and investors

Our History

CERES was founded in 2005 to serve technology businesses that are largely unserved or under-served by existing investment banks and business brokerages. 

Business brokers often do not have the financial and marketing skills and business networks to sufficiently position and capture the value of a technology company. Regardless of industry, technology companies are each very unique in the value that they create and the complex ecosystems in which they do business. 

While investment banks have these skills and business networks, their cost structure and their lack of industy depth, hands-on operations or entreprenurial experience often prevent them from serving privately held technology businesses well. 

Although specific industry knowledge and established relationships are not prerequisites for the success of an advisor's buy, sell or licensing transaction, they facilitate and expedite the process - shortening the path to the best-fit strategic buyer, seller or investor. This differentiation also better enables business owners and management teams to operate with minimal internal and market disruption while the transaction is executed.