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Crafting Financing & Fund Raising Strategies

Financing Life Cycles & Costs of Capital

Whether you are an entrepreneur starting-up or the leader of an established business, a solid understanding of the available sources of capital and today's expected rate of return is the fundamental step in crafting a financing and fund raising strategy.

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Robust Markets Enabled by Biophotonics

Private Placements & Public Offerings

Biophotonics is the interdisciplinary science of applying light to biological life sciences – such as genomics, molecular biology, neuroscience, pharmacology, cell biology, biomechanics, and proteomics. It is a core technology enabling Medical Diagnostics, Medical Devices, Therapeutics, Life & Environmental Sciences and Medical Imaging markets.

The market for private and public placements in development stage and high growth life science and healthcare businesses is robust. In 2012, a reported $3billion of private placements went to work commercializing technology and scaling businesses with core enabling technology in biophotonics. So far, in 2013, 335 private placements topped $3.6billion and public offerings exceeded $8billion.

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Raising Capital on Acceptable Terms

Sources of Capital

Precise practices vary between individual investors or lenders in a given category and change with market conditions. Identifying appropriate sources of capital and developing a fund raising strategy to tap them depends on knowing what kinds of investments investors and lenders are seeking. Doing the appropriate research and/or engaging an advisor in advance can save months of management resources and cash, while significantly increasing the odds of successfully raising funds on acceptable terms.

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SPIE Photonics West Panel Workshop

Financing Life Science & Healthcare Ventures

Join us February 1 at Photonics West in San Francisco, CA for a panel workshop dedicated to financing life science and healthcare businesses. The panel's expertise crosses early to late stage venture capital and private equity, strategic corporate investing, licensing, venture debt, and crowd sourcing. Discussions will be around financing and exit strategies - as well as micro and macro trends influencing competition for capital and valuations.

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