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Private Equity Investments in Photonics

Highlights from 2015

Ceres Winter 2016 Newsletter

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Growing Our Core Photonics Businesses

Transcending the $10million Plateau

Laser Focus World February 2015

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Crafting Financing & Fundraising Strategies

Financing Life Cycles & Costs of Capital

Ceres Fall 2013 Newsletter 

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Countless Opportunities in 3D Printing

Photonics Enables World Change in Product Development & Manufacturing

Ceres Spring 2014 Newsletter 

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Advanced Valuation Methods

Intellectual Property, Research, New Ventures

June 2012

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Capturing the Value of Intellectual Property

Why? Costs of doing incorrectly are enormous.

Ceres Summer 2011 Newsletter 

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Introduction to Valuing Privately Held Technology Businesses and IP

SPIE Short Course, January 2011

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Give Your Business Value

A valuation of your privately held technology company is critical for strategic planning and decisions around financing, buying or selling a business

SPIE Professional Magazine, Feature Article February 2010

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Software Predicts Performance of White LED Designs

Predictive modeling benefits from sophisticated algorithms and accurately measured data inputs

LEDs Magazine, Feature Article February 2009 Courtesy of Penwell Publishing

Edward Freniere, Ph.D., Chao-hsi Tsao, Lambda Research Corp.; Linda Smith, Ceres Technology Advisors

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Making Live Cell Imaging Glow

Digital illumination overcomes the limitations of fluorescence imaging

BioPhotonics International, Feature Article November 2008 Courtesy of Laurin Publishing

Margaret Gardel, Ph.D., Yvonne Aratyn, Ph.D., University of Chicago; Thomas J. Hope, Ph.D., Northwestern University; Bob Nowak, Andrew DeSimone, Photonic Instruments; Linda Smith, Ceres Technology Advisors

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Fluorescent Phantom for Small-Animal Imaging

Accurate and predictive software modeling could allow standardization for small-animal imaging

BioPhotonics International, Cover Article April 2008 Courtesy of Laurin Publishing

Silas Leavesley, Ph.D., Bartek Rajwa, Ph.D., J. Paul Robinson, Ph.D., Purdue University; Edward Freniere, Ph.D., Lambda Research Corp.; Linda Smith, Ceres Technology Advisors

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